5 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, formally known as eucalyptus obliqua, is a species collection of hundreds of flowering trees, shrubs, and Myrtaceae. The eucalyptus plant varies in its physical properties. It can have smooth or fibrous bark. It can take the form of a tall, towering tree. Or you might run into it as a simple patio pot shrub. Beautiful both when it flowers, and when it sheds its seed-bearing pulps as the winter approaches. The eucalyptus plant makes for great landscaping anywhere you go. Here are five things you never knew about the eucalyptus.

1. The Eucalyptus repels mosquitoes

First, the eucalyptus tree irritates mosquitoes and drives them away. Believe it or not, it is a well known mosquito repellent! The leaves of the eucalyptus tree contain glands that produce an incredibly potent oil - as it turns out repelling mosquitoes is only one of its amazing properties. Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of this oil! If you’ve ever been around a eucalyptus, you’ll know of its piney, earthy scent. To be honest, it doesn’t actually smell that bad. Some may actually enjoy the scent of it. But thankfully mosquitoes don’t! That is why many recommend using it as a fragrant, natural mosquito repellent. We loved the idea so much, that we started giving out these awesome eucalyptus-based mosquito repellent wristbands and our fans loved the results.

2. Koalas LOVE eating it!

One of nature's healthiest eaters, and quite frankly one of the cutest critters out there. There's a reason why koalas love eating the eucalyptus leaf. It contains natural disinfectants that are fit for koala consumption! Mosquitoes hate it, but koalas love it. Would you have ever pegged mosquitoes as picky eaters?

koala eating eucalyptus tree mosquito repellent

3. Eucalyptus flowers are FULL of nectar

When it flowers, the eucalyptus is a true spectacle. Not only is it beautiful, but it also attracts many pollinators such as bees, humming birds, and even bats! Interestingly enough, the eucalyptus flowers have also been used to produce mono-floral honey.

eucalyptus flowering tree mosquito repellent nectar

4. They're 50 million years old

Eucalyptus originated between 35 and 50 million years ago. That's about as old as dinosaurs! They must be doing something right to have survived this long. The eucalyptus leads a natural life, which may have something to do with its longevity.

didgeridoo made from mosquito repellent eucalyptus tree

5. Used to make musical instruments

Eucalyptus wood has been used to make traditional Australian Aboriginal wind instruments known as the didgeridoos! When termites attack a eucalyptus tree, they hollow out its trunk making it the perfect base for a traditional musical instrument.eucalyptus tree old mosquito repellent

 That's it! 5 Unbelievable things you never knew about the eucalyptus tree, from the series Back to our Roots. I hope you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to share this with your friends, and comment on anything we might've missed!



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