7 Hottest Citronella Trends for 2019

If you've ever wanted to improve your health dramatically... this post is for you. Citronella oil is extracted from the stems and leaves of cymbopogon. Wait a second, cymbo-po-what? Believe it or not, you're most likely already familiar with this mysterious plant without even knowing it: cymbopogon is the formal name of lemongrass. Here are 7 of the hottest citronella (lemongrass) trends for 2019.

1. Vietnamese Lemongrass Tofu

A delicious Vegan-take on the classic lemongrass chicken. Lisa Le describes this as her favorite way of enjoying tofu. Her description of the dish is nothing less than mouthwatering - fresh tofu cooked with lemongrass served over spring rolls, sticky, rice, or even rice noodles. It's a dish that brings her home when she's feeling homesick. Kudos to Lisa, maintaining heartwarming cultural dishes is a very difficult thing to do when you're vegan. Check out Lisa's authentic homemade lemongrass tofu recipe.

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2. Citronella as a Mosquito Repellent

It's summertime, and with it comes adventure. Fun evenings at parks, lakes, and campsites are a big part of my summer vacation. Which also means likely encounters with one of nature's most despised insects: the mosquito. We've all been bit. It happens, and while it typically isn't the end of the world a mosquito bite can completely ruin your day. Prevention usually involves spraying your skin with toxic chemicals such as DEET. But there are better, more natural ways. For example, Meskito uses all natural ingredients like citronella to repel mosquitoes. Their mosquito repellent mixture is stored in a breathable vessel that slowly releases essential oil vapors - these things work for up to 3 months! Learn more about these mosquito repellent wristbands here. If you've never tried these wristbands, you're definitely missing out.

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3. DIY Citronella Soap

It's popping up all over etsy... and everyone seems to love it. The citronella soap bar is one of my favorite multi-purpose inventions out there. Every time you wash your hands at a camping trip, you add an extra layer of protection with these soap bars. These soap bars aren't meant to be used alone, however, because their effect wears off rather quickly! David Fisher explains some great ways to make your own DIY soap

handmade soap DIY citronella  - meskito

4. DIY Citronella Candles

All you need's a jar, wax, citronella oil and a wick to get your homemade DIY citronella candle started! This DIY is very simple.

  • To get started, melt the wax using a double boiler - you don't want to burn the wax!
  • Soon as the wax melts, add citronella oil to your liking. I prefer a lot, around 30 ml for a mug-sized mason jar, but you can add less if you don't love the smell like I do.
  • Grab a mason jar, or any glass jar that can withstand high heat, and fasten the wick to the jar's base using a dab of hot wax. Be extra careful when handling the hot wax; I've burnt myself before and let me tell you it isn't fun!
  •  After the wick fastens, begin pouring the rest of the melted wax into the jar. Do this slowly, and adjust the wick as needed!
  • Let the wax harden, and enjoy your very own DIY citronella candle!

mosquito repellent candle - citronella - meskito

5. Citronella Perfume 

Citronella based perfume sprays are quite popular. Many people, myself included, genuinely enjoy the smell of citronella. One etsy seller offers a compact citronella based perfume that you can take along with you on your travels. Please note that perfume sprays are quite diluted which means they aren't as effective at repelling mosquitoes. If you're trying to ward off those pesky little bugs, I highly recommend trying out the wristbands I mentioned earlier.

perfume - citronella - meskito

6. Citronella Oil in Diffusers

Perfumeries use citronella for a reason: it smells good. That's why many have picked up on diffusing citronella oils to help freshen up rooms and repel mosquitoes at the same time! A few drops of citronella extract in your favorite diffuser will do the trick.

diffuser citronella oil - mosquito repellent - meskito

7. Incense Burners

By now you probably aren't too surprised to learn about citronella incense burners. The citronella scent can be delivered in a million and one different ways, but I've mentioned only my favorites! Incense burners can be dipped in citronella oil. That way you can add to your favorite incense, or amend some of the less interesting scents you own. 

citronella incense burner - mosquito repellent - meskito

That's it! 7 of the Hottest Citronella Trends for 2019, from the series Back to our Roots. I hope you enjoyed reading, and as always, please feel free to share this with your friends. Comment on anything you think we might've missed!

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